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You know I hate to sell. But if you tell me the right story…

It’s hard to believe it’s been about 20 years since this happened. 

I accidentally sucked up a sock into a well-used Hoover upright vacuum cleaner. I had no money but I headed to Sears. 

I told Joanne, the saleswoman, (I have no idea if that was her name but let’s just say that it was) that I needed the best vacuum cleaner they had for less than $150. At that time, it was possible to make such a purchase.

I wasn’t thrilled with my options but as I was about to pick one, I said to Joanne, “What is that bright yellow, odd looking vacuum cleaner over there?”

Joanne’s eyes lit up, as she said “That’s a Dyson!” 

“How much is it?” I asked. 


“Why is it so expensive?” I replied. 

Joanne proceeded to tell me the history of Thomas Dyson as he set out to create a better vacuum cleaner. One that would not lose suction, and could be operated without a messy bag to empty. She told me about the 5,000 prototypes and the vacuum cleaner company that sued him in order to stall for time to create their version of a better vacuum cleaner. Apparently, this legacy company was behind in their innovation and knew what Dyson had was a game changer. 

Pointing to other sales reps on the floor, Joanne said, “He has one, he has one, and I have one.” 

After I bought the Dyson, I was having lunch with my then-boyfriend, who said, “She saw you coming! You just got taken! Why would anyone spend that much money on a vacuum cleaner?”

That vacuum cleaner lasted me ten years, I definitely got my money’s worth. The boyfriend was only good for a couple more months. 

When you tell the right story, people will buy. 

P.S. Before the break up, even the boyfriend admitted it was the best vacuum cleaner he had ever used.

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