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We will continue into the month of December on the FIRST and THIRD Wednesdays of the month. 




Learn how to listen better.

Learn how to speak better.


Learn how to think better on your feet.


Have fun in the middle of the day.
Come play with us!  No experience necessary. 
Online Improv dates for the rest of 2020 are: 
November 4th
November 18th
December 2nd
December 16th


The world has never needed good communicators more than it does right now.

November 12, 2020

With the world being so polarized politically, religiously, and racially, there's never been a better time to return to the ancient art of dialogue. Dialogue is different from having a chat with someone: it's a practice that requires attentive listening, understanding, empathy, and allowing both parties to have their values heard and honored. 

Join Bridget Brown & David Koff — two teachers with a combined total of 60 years of improvisation, theater and facilitation experience — for this deep, informative, and powerful workshop. Together, we'll use the tools of applied improvisation to practice core techniques on becoming better listeners, better communicators, and more understanding humans in a bid to help bridge the gap in even the most challenging of relationships.

  • Part One: Thurs, November 12th, 8-10am Pacific (11am-1pm Eastern). Day One focuses on how to identify and use various kinds of communication skills.

  • Part Two: Thurs, November 19th, 8-10am Pacific (11am-1pm Eastern). Day Two focuses on how to practice using our new communication skills where it's needed most: when discussing challenging topics or when discussing topics with challenging individuals.

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December 04, 2019

Our "Improv for Scientists and Others Who Want to Have Fun!" class was in the news!

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