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It wasn’t about them; it was about their client.

Let me tell you a quick story about one of my first clients…

As I mentioned in a previous email, StoryMatters started as a side gig while I was still working a corporate job. My first client flew me to New York to work with a member of the C-Suite at a major NYC hospital. The hospital had worked for two years to convince a local labor union to be the main provider of medical services. 

It wasn’t working. And here’s why…

They spent all of their time bragging about the quality of the hospital and their medical services. And while they are indeed a world class medical institution, it didn’t matter. Because they spent very little time talking about what their medical services could do for the union members. 

And remember, a union’s sole purpose is advocating for its membership. 

When we changed the story, they were telling, the union signed in ONE DAY! 

(Well, roughly 2 years and ONE DAY). 

How can we help you clarify the story you are telling your customers? What would change in your business if this happened? 

I have free consultations. I would love to discuss how I can help you tell the right story.

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