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The Secrets of Brown and White
A play in two acts by Bridget Killeen Brown
Directed by Angelisa Gillyard

When? July 20th at 7 pm & July 21st at 2 pm

Where? 54 E Main Street, Clinton, CT 06413

Admission is free!

The Secrets of Brown and White is made possible, in part, by
an Artist Fellowship Grant from the Connecticut Office of the Arts.

Megan and Jane are first cousins but have been purposefully kept from meeting each other throughout their lives by their mothers – Denyse Brown and Virginia White. The very act of their secretly coming face to face unveils a truth that prompts the two of them to bring their families together, forcing the white-skinned Brown family to reconcile with the black-skinned White family and confront the reason for the separation. However, meeting unknown family members of a different race isn't a happy moment for everyone.

Inspired by the true story of Bridget Killeen Brown's family, The Secrets of Brown and White peels back the conversation “of race, shame, family, and courage.” It is a timely American conversation that is an open, honest, and surprisingly funny examination of race, racism, belonging, and what it means to be family.

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