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Are YOU ready to sell? What about your team?

When I understand what your pain points are, what I know for sure is that I can tell a story of how it can be solved using various tools in my toolbox, as well as my expertise. And you will buy from me.


Because we buy to solve problems, like a vacuum cleaner. 

We also buy from emotions. 

So how does your sales team use problem-solving and emotion to tell the right story for the audience to whom they are selling?

Back in January, I worked with the sales team of a small healthcare device company to up their storytelling game. While their device is heavy on the technology side, the recognition of telling the story of potential patient outcomes, was a big “AH-HA” moment for everyone in the room.

I’m ready to take on two more clients in the second quarter. How can we work together to create a workshop that empowers your sales team to tell the right story? I would love to collaborate with you to create a workshop that sticks (but I do want to warn you…the vacuum cleaner is not included).

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