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How We Get to the Story’s Crisis and Climax

I began this series about story structure by using the story of my Christmas Eve pizza run. Before we continue with structure, let’s catch you up on the story framed within the structure:


It was Christmas Eve, and I decided to treat myself to a pizza. I ordered it and then got in my car to go pick it up before the restaurant closed for the holiday.

Inciting Incident:

As I was traveling in the right lane, a car came across my lane, making a left turn into the CVS parking lot. I had no choice but to hit her back end…

Forward motion:

She got out of the car and admitted fault. It was 17 degrees. I made sure to tell her that I could not swerve or go anywhere but into her.

We exchanged information. We took pictures. She apologized again.

“I’ve decided not to call the police, because it’s Christmas Eve, 17 degrees, and “You would get a ticket if I called, so I am going to trust you!” I said.

“Thank you!” She replied.

Backward motion:

One week later, I had heard nothing from her or her insurance company.

Forward motion:

My insurance company refused to take liability. It CLEARLY was not my fault.

Backward motion:

Her insurance company refused to take liability. She lied to them.

Forward motion:

“I’ve been calling and can't get them to budge. We even looked at it on Google maps. There was no way you could have avoided her,” said Erin from my insurance company.

Forward motion:

Ok. I’ll have my insurance company fix it and they can go after hers later.

Backward motion:

I have crappy insurance. My insurance company would not pay the amount that it would actually cost to properly fix my car. Not to mention, I would have to pay my $1000 deductible - which I do not have.

Sideways Motion:

Her insurance company offered to pay 70% of the repair if I paid 30%. Well, which is better?

Crisis moment!

To be examined next week...

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