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How are you doing? Yeah. Me too.

Wow! To say it has been a rough couple of months, might be the understatement of any century.

I have been working at home for so long, the walls of my apartment are wondering when the heck I’m going to leave.

And I am tired. Not just of being isolated and worrying about the health and well-being of myself, my family and my friends, but I am especially tired of seeing people out and about not following the rules, not believing in science or understanding that the pandemic isn’t over.

And I have felt helpless. Helpless at seeing even more of my black and brown brothers and sisters killed unnecessarily. And wondering what I can do to help.

In the interim, I gave a class in Storytelling for Social Change and received overwhelming feedback from the large group in the workshop, that being equipped with the powerful words and stories which can inspire change, was something they wanted more of.

It may not be much – but it is one way I can contribute:


Know what to say when you want to speak up!

Join me for a two-part LIVE and HIGHLY INTERACTIVE workshop, where you'll learn the necessary skills for using story to deliver messages that inspire and reshape attitudes for social change.

Learn how listening, breaking through anger and understanding vulnerability offers perspectives on complex problems.

Learn from a playwright, actress and master storytelling coach how to craft a story that develops empathy and impact and leads to change.

This course is for anyone who wants to effectively tell an impactful story to inspire change:

  • Community organizers and social activists

  • Political Activists and Canvassers

  • Professionals working in not-for-profit or commercial sectors

  • Educators and public speakers

When people are ready to listen, the right story can change hearts. It can change minds. And this seems like a time when people are ready to listen.

After all, stories are the way our brains explain things. What if we used them to change things?

As I said, I have often felt helpless in the the current situation, but sometimes it is a lot of small things that add up to big change. Won't you join me?

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