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What is your 'So What?'

When you are crafting any kind of story or speech, what is your “So what?” 

A ‘so what’ is the part of your story that makes people care. And these days it is especially important in science and technology.

You have heard it said time and time again:  “Start with ‘Why’”.  And that’s true.  In fact when I teach people how to craft a networking speech we start with ‘why.’  But when you are telling a STORY, your why needs to also have a ‘so what.’

Case in point: 

I was working with a pharma consultant on his elevator speech.  He helps companies audit and evaluate expensive research equipment.  As always, we started with him answering the question ‘why’ he does what he does. 

His answer:  “Because it saves companies money.” 

“David,” I said, “No one ever went into business for the sole purpose of saving other people money.  Why do I care that you save pharma companies money?”

He pushed back.  “But Bridget, you don’t understand, if these companies save money on equipment they can put that money into research and save more lives!”

I looked at him for a moment.  “Oh,” he said.

Now THAT is a ‘SO WHAT!’

What is yours?

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