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Go ahead! I give you permission.

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I recently watched a 10-year old TV show that I loved – “Eli Stone.” It is about a lawyer whose brain aneurysm comes with a quirky side effect – visions of the future. I highly recommend it. Sadly, it only lasted two seasons on ABC, but binging it 10 years later was very satisfying, in part because the theme of the show is hope.

(I’ll let you fill in the next thought.)

But the beauty of living in the age of stories at your fingertips is that you can go back to the ones you’ve loved but haven’t seen in a while, and remember what made them special.

So for this Labor Day weekend, go ahead! I give you permission!! In between the family picnic, the cleaning out of the closet or whatever project you are doing, set aside some time to sit down and watch or read a story you love.

It may bring up emotions of guilt along the lines of: “I should be doing something else.” But then you can think, “Nope. Bridget gave me permission.” After all, it can be relaxing – depending on what story you choose. And isn’t that what the last official weekend of the summer should be?

As for me, I have another short-lived series I may revisit. But I may be streaming it while sitting on the beach…

Happy Labor Day from StoryMatters, LLC.

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