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Why two sales people selling the same product should tell different stories.

Take the example of Susan and Steve.

Steve had been selling the services of his company for many, many years. His sales presentation became gummed up with unreadable slides and “patter” that no one understood. I’m not sure, but if I had to guess I would say that he had more questions about what was in his presentation than he did about the product itself.

Susan was new to the sales realm. So she learned from Steve. But even she admitted that there were phrases and terms she used that she didn’t necessarily understand. It’s tough to sell to clients when what you are saying doesn’t even resonate with you.

The question I asked was “Why are you selling this product over say, a car?”

The answer, “Because it helps people with their health.” And, when we dug further both of them told me a personal story about what they loved the product that the sold.

So we reworked their story. The facts of the product remained the same, but this time once we put Steve and Susan's personal "why" of how the product helped people, and why that made them passionate about it, provided an authenticity which resonated with the people at the companies to whom they were selling.

Which, of course, changed their presentations and the passion with which they presented them.

And oh, yeah. Their sales results!


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