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What Stories Will You Tell This Thanksgiving?

Back by popular demand...

What is the story of your family?

What is the story of you and your closest friends who are family?

We tell stories not just because they change hearts and minds, but because they are things that bind us to each other. They make us feel closer to people who are new in our lives and they help us to heal when we lose loved ones.

In December of 2017, I lost a family member. He was one of my dearest friends who never met my own family, but who I had known for over 25 years. He knew all of my deepest fears and desires, my perfections and peccadilloes. And I knew all of his.

When his closest friends - who were all family to him - gathered in March of 2018 to celebrate his life, guess what we did? We told stories. Lots of them. About what a good man he was. About the hopes and dreams that he had brought to fruition and the ones he would never get to. And then guess what happened?

When we all walked out the door, we, his "family" members some of whom knew each other well, some of whom knew each other only by name, were forever bonded. And we were thankful for the life that brought us together - even if he was no longer there.

May the stories you tell this Thanksgiving, bring you closer to the people you are with.

Happy Thanksgiving from StoryMatters, LLC!

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