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Some Wise Words About Bias

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

At the insistence of my business coach, I have been repeatedly asked to look at the way in which the stories we tell lead to inner suffering and disconnection between individuals in organizations.

In other words, the stories we tell ourselves can cause heaven or hell in our minds. And within our companies. Been there. Told myself that. Witnessed it in others, firsthand.

As my coach kept nudging me, it dawned on me that in my creative career I write about stories of justice, racism, bigotry and bias. I love stories where people redeem themselves or teach others how not to be so judgmental.

And, in real life, when we have biases they come out in the "judgy." You know, that thought we have about someone and how and who they are being or behaving?

Which brings me to this short post from marketing guru, Seth Godin.

So the next time you find yourself being judgy, put your own name in the sentence and think for a minute.

And in the coming months we will have some first person tales from real bias experienced by real people in real organizations.

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