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My side gig became THE gig

Imagine this…(maybe it’s happened to you too!)...I was at my Midwest Fortune 500 corporate job working my life away. I was tired, burnt out, and generally, “over it”. I knew I was good at my job, gave it my all, and was paid well but it was the most toxic work environment to be part of. 

I was excited for new opportunities, new co-workers, new challenges! I had interviews and meetings, and after a few offers and lots of conversations, I had no job. And you know what? It changed my whole life. During this time, I had a side gig using applied improvisation to teach better communication and storytelling to executives. 

So it was time to do it for real. 

At StoryMatters, I use my 20 years of experience to help corporate teams and individuals to gain clarity, in their stories and in the way they connect with each other. My classes and coaching are fun, insightful, and most of all, they stick!

That’s just a taste of what we do at StoryMatters. Much more to come…

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