Why are you CALLING ME?

"Soft’ skills will be 10X more important in a virtual/work-at-home world. Team dynamics, individual growth, team creativity will dominate effectiveness.”

--Business Guru Tom Peters

Almost a decade ago, I was a brand-new consultant at a Fortune 500 chemical company, working on communicating the need for awareness in the cybersecurity realm. As I started working on an internal marketing campaign, I called the company’s videographer to ask a few questions about how I would go about using his services.

I could tell from the get go, he didn’t want to talk to me and was sorry he answered the phone.

After he reluctantly answered a few questions, he barked at me: “Why are you calling me? Why couldn’t you just put this in an email?!”

Confused, I replied, quietly, “I’m new here and I’m trying to make connections and meet people that I am going to be working with.”

Silence. He had no answer and no choice but to continue to answer my questions. Quietly.

I wonder how he is doing in this virtual world with his – ‘I don’t want to talk on the phone mentality.’

In light of the current pandemic different types of soft skills are needed as meetings and conversations happen virtually. If you are reading this, wondering why people in your organization don’t have certain communication, presentation, storytelling or leadership skills, that now need to be transferred to virtual meetings or trainings. Let's talk.

Or if you understand the stress of the moment for the people who work for you and you want to provide them with some constructive fun, play and mindfulness to help keep them productive during this virtual shelter in place situation, I would love to help.

Click for a free 30 minute consultation.

In the coming weeks, I will share thoughts, stories and improv tips, which, hopefully will to help with our new circumstances. And maybe a few stories.

Thinking of all of you. Please, stay well!

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