Communication, Storytelling & Unconscious Bias Training that improves clarity, even in a virtual setting...

We develop your ability to tell Powerful Stories which
create connection, learning and empowerment.

We uncover your ability to clarify  Hidden Stories which create bias, disconnection and inequity. 

Which story do you need to make clear?


The Hidden Stories of Your Organization...


We have a gender, diversity, and/or equity issue in our company or organization...

We help uncover the story

'you don't know that you

don't know' about

gender and diversity...

My team members

aren't getting along and productivity is suffering...

Improved team communication leads to increased productivity and employee unity. 

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The Leadership Stories of Your Organization...

As a Leader, my values

and mission aren't trickling down, causing turnover.

Employees knowing what

is important to you,

equals retention...

“As a Company, we are not clear what our story is...”

If you don't know how to distill the complexity of your company, how will your customers know what you do?

The Powerful Stories That Are Yours and Your Organization's...

​“I’m afraid to stand

up in front of people”

Our experience helping influential speakers craft

a message, and the way

they deliver it, maximizes your impact.

My Sales Team isn't getting traction when

they present our


Our interactive training sessions provide immediate, and lasting, value to sales professionals and their ability to tell the story of your brand - especially

the complex ones.

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Listen to Bridget discuss the use of improv communication for scientists and others in this video.

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Known as the "Geek Translator", C-suites, HR teams, sales teams and entrepreneurs hire Bridget K. Brown to increase their expertise and the skills of their employees in making the complex clear in the stories they tell themselves and others. She is a public speaking, storytelling coach and ​master ​facilitator ​whose super power is coaching and being a passionate cheerleader for​ ​clients.


AND her workshops are always a lot of fun!

As a Certified Applied Improvisation Instructor with 15+ years of instructional design and facilitation experience, she combines her background as an actress, writer, and instructional designer by using elements of improvisation in her work​.  Bridget has trained at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University and Duarte Academy for Presentation Skills in Silicon Valley​ and was a workshop instructor for the 2016 Science Communication Symposium at Washington University in St. Louis along with Alda Center Facilitators. ​​ ​

She​ was former Adjunct Instructor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Washington University in St Louis.  She has created global security awareness programs for two Fortune 500 companies; coached scientists in TEDx talks and helped organizations within the healthcare industry tell stories which aid them to sell their data-driven products in order to increase their bottom line.

She lives in Southeastern Connecticut.



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