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Hmmm...Maybe they needed training after all...

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

"When the company's CTO is the Chief TRAINING Officer rather than the Chief Technology Officer, I'll stop saying/writing 'Training is Corporate Investment #1.'"

--Business Guru Tom Peters

Many years ago, I was a contractor on an Instructional Design team to Anheuser Busch. We had spent many months awaiting a release of an internal software program for which we then created e-learning modules. The year was 2007 and at the very end of our project, the St. Louis institution was taken over by the European Company called InBev and I and my fellow Instructional design consultants, as well as most of the trainers who were employees to the company, were out of jobs.

InBev decided that training was not important.

In light of the current pandemic, the instructional design community has come to the forefront. Why? Because we are masters at taking in-person training and transforming to Virtual Training (webinars), and E-learning (self-paced, online learning). We are knowledgeable, nimble and creative. Improv is built-in to what we do.

If you have necessary in-person training that needs to become equally effective virtually or as e-learning. Let's talk.

Click for a free 30 minute consultation.

Stay well!

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